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Research & Innovation Services (RIS)


Developing a research proposal


Find research funding and equipment

Find research funding opportunities

Find opportunities so you can apply for research funding, including from the University, Europe, internationally and the Research Professional database.

Running a research project

Information about financial and project management.

Engine Shed Members' Lounge

Engine Shed Members' Lounge

University of Bath staff, SETsquared Bath companies, and visitors can use the Engine Shed Members' Lounge, free of charge for meetings.

Achieving impact through KE


Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

知识转移伙伴关系是一个由英国创新资助的全英项目, enabling businesses to improve competitiveness, productivity and performance.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

为企业和组织提供专家建议的咨询指导, on a range of industrial or commercial problems.

Public Engagement


Supporting any researcher, no matter their discipline, to engage and share your research with the pubic.

Supporting your research impact


Research policy and governance

如何诚信地进行研究以遵守政策, procedures and regulations, for good research practice.

Reporting your research outcomes and impact


Our REF 2021 results


Find out about our latest news.


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Research culture

Find out about how the University is supporting Research Culture, putting people at the heart of research and innovation.

More on how we are supporting Research Culture
A group of researchers networking at poster boards


Find out about our latest events.

About us

Research & 创新服务处(RIS)负责提升中大在研究和知识转移方面的国际声誉,具体工作如下:

  • increasing the volume of externally funded research
  • improving grant application success rates
  • 加强对学术部门的策略及运作支援

RIS is the primary conduit for industry, 企业和其他资助者获得竞博官网app的研究专长和知识.

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